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Devoured Souls On Canvas
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Welcome to The Sadist Canvas...

This is A Community for the darkly Artistic and Creative at heart. This does not mean is is necessary that the artwork you display has to be dark, but it is a Morbid based community, so don't be disgusted if another member post something that is "R" rated. sadistic_canvas accepts any kind of art, from Computer Graphics to Body Art to any form of Dark writing...

0N3.It's important to remeber when you post more than one Picture, or a picture that is escpically large behind a LJ-cut.
TW0.What is Accepted: Anime art, camwhoring, murals, paintings, any form of artwork, body paint, pictures, photography, layouts, color bars, discussion topic related to art, dark cartoons, poetry, short storys, any kind of fanart, tributations, icons, lyrics, banners, and anime. If you are questionable about something that you think might be accepted, but isn't listed, go ahead and post it anyway...If theres a problem, One of the moderators will let you know.
THR33.Do NOT critize another artists work unless they have requested everyones honest-to-Gods opinion, and even then don't go out of your way to make them feel bad.
F0UR.Apon joining, find the time to post a little introduction of yourself and artistic intrests.
FIV3.Don't join then Die...meaning, If your Committed to artwork enough to join a community completely for it, you should be able to find the time to post your artwork frequently, and comment atleast every now and then.
SIXX.No stealing others artwork and Claiming it as your own. Thats pathetic.
S3V3N.Whore us every chance you get, and remeber to post our lovely Banners in your userinfo.

.Mother Sadist.
Your Admin

Enjoy yourselves...

Banners To Use.
All Banners Donated are apperciated, and will be used.

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