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You're Invited to Drawing Blood at Dapper Cadaver on Thursday June 4th [03 Jun 2009|06:49pm]


On Thursday June 4th, I'd like to invite you to Dapper Cadaver's first free after hours art event, "Drawing Blood"

WHAT: Drawing Blood - Once a month, The Dapper Cadaver Prop House opens its studios in the evening for a free evening where artists of all kinds are invited to come by and use our unique collection of props, oddities, scientific specimens and equipment, and Halloween decor as models for their art. Sketching, illustration, painting, sculpting and more are encouraged. Props can be artfully arranged to suit your needs. Coffee and snacks will be provided. Most evenings will be free form, but check out our mailing list and blog for info on special nights featuring live models and special instructors. Email me if you're interested in modeling or instructing. Commercial photography and video not allowed.

BRING: All your own art supplies. We have some chairs and stools but if you need one you may want to bring your own. Any food or drink.

WHEN: 6:30pm -10:00pm, the first Thursday of each month.
March 5th / April 2nd / May 7th / June 4th / July 2nd / August 6th / Sept 3rd / Oct 1st / Nov 5th / Dec 3rd

WHERE: Dapper Cadaver Prop House.
7572 San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA, 91352 (near Burbank)
North side of San Fernando Rd (Little San Fernando Rd), Across the tracks from Sofa U Love.

BJ Winslow


Best regards,
BJ Winslow
Dapper Cadaver
NEW PHONE # 818-771-0818
CELL PHONE # 310-709-8691
NEW ADDRESS 7572 San Fernando Rd, Sun Valley, CA, 91352

Images from the March 5th Drawing Blood HERE

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New Painting [10 Dec 2006|06:40pm]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

'Bodies' by Brian Sherwin

Here are some of the interviews I've done with other artists:


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Vote for Balhatain [03 Jul 2006|11:09am]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

http://myartspace.com/ vote for Balhatain

Hey, vote for me on myartspace.com. All you have to do is join and then you can cast your 20 votes on my art! THANKS! My handle is Balhatain. This may end up being an early honeymoon for Rosa and I. It could also help spark my art career since I would be included in a major show. Tell your friends!

Also, more of my work can be seen at
http://balhatain.tripod.com/ and I recently was the featured artist at http://undergroundvoices.com/

I teach a class for disabled adults. I'm hoping to win some of the money in order to buy art books for my students.
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Property of Balhatain. [15 Apr 2006|02:50pm]


Feedback please. Add me to your flist if you wish. My journal is mostly about my art. Thanks.

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[12 Dec 2004|11:43pm]


Are YOU a Modern day Lilly Munster?
.Join Us.
We're only the darkly Goregous Are accepted!

* tragicdollies -- tragicdollies -- tragicdollies *

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Hi [23 Nov 2004|10:08pm]


Hi all, this is not my normal blogging journal, this one I just made for my writing or for blogging things that will inspire me to write.  My normal Journal is  qweenie903 .  As you can tell by my name I enjoy morid writings.  Everything I write for the most part has a dark tone to it.  So I hope to post some stuff soon.  Just wanted to do the introduction thing.  So, Hi.

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Dark Artwork by James Hockridge [22 Nov 2004|01:12am]

Hi all!!
This is a pretty
big post so be prepared - ok for starters my other half is an extremely
talented artist - but you'll see that in a moment, most of the pieces
are what will eventually make up the characters and places in James's
Graphic Novel "The Flesh Engine Chronicles" - prior to setting up our
website and subsequent shop we wanted to see what the internet response
would be so without further ado the following pieces are available:

behind hereCollapse )
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[26 Oct 2004|01:11pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

† Greetings and Bleedings †

Welcome to sadistic_canvas, a Journal for those intrested in the dark relem of Art, and Creativity. Here, you can post your photos, paintings, cartoons, writing, poetry, graphics, icons, colorbars, or anything else would like to share with People like yourself, artists of Sadism.
Weekly [or whenever the moderators feel up to changing it] the community hosts Two different Themes. One, The Artistic Theme, which will most likely have dealings with a photo, or Banner, or something else requiring your artistic skills. You can express yourself In any way, or artistic Form, aslong as it has to do with the theme. Two, The other theme, Is the dark discussion Theme...This requires your artistic imagination, writing skills, debating skills, and Unique Opinion. A Theme will be a comment stated, and you as a member must add onto that, And discuss it. You do not have to parpicate in the themes. It's all for fun, and to keep the Community Alive.
As a new community, We're going to need as much whorage as we can possibley get, as well as Banners to whore with.
Enjoy the community, and Whore!

[Themes will be posted as soon as we have enough memebers!]

† Bitemarks †
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